Why You Need This Book
  •  Learn the winning mindset it takes to accomplish your Health & Fitness goals! 
  •  Practical methods on how to balance Family & Fitness 
  •  Guiding principles on how to eat the foods you enjoy EVERYDAY and STILL shed Fat Fast! 
  •  The critical tools needed to guarantee you stay on track towards a successful transformation! 
  •  How to enjoy eating out with your Kids, Friends, & Family while staying on track with your goals 
  •  Steps to inspiring your loved ones to also commit to living the Healthy & Fit Lifestyle 
  •  Best Practices to sustaining your new found body, and Health & Fitness lifestyle 
  •  And More!
The Definitive Guide to Living the Fit Dad Lifestyle
If you’re a busy Dad looking to take your Health and Fitness more seriously, transform your mind and body, and learn practical tips and guidance to living a more Healthy and Fit lifestyle, that’s sustainable forever - but don’t know where or how to get started, then – The Definitive Guide to Living the Fit Dad Lifestyle is a must read!
The Definitive Guide to Living the Fit Dad Lifestyle 

Your Transformation Starts Now!
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The Practical Guide: 
To Living The Fit-Dad Lifestyle
I'm no different from others. I have a busy schedule with family, work, etc. Finding time for fitness can be a challenge. However, he developed a customized program to fit my schedule, my lifestyle and help achieve my goals. Thank you!
Edwin B
One of the smartest choices I made for my health. DadBodybuilding helped me lose 30 lbs. in three months. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner.
Hugo U
First off, I would like to thank Coach Matlock for this outstanding journey that has changed my life for the better. Before starting DadBodybuilding, I was a regular gym rat and stuck to the same old ineffective workouts. I was not satisfied with my results any longer. So, I made a decision to try something new and decided to try the DadBodybuilding workout program. After months of sticking with the program, I can confidently say that I have accomplished my best strength and body image goals ever! It has not been an easy journey by no means, but it has been a journey that has changed my life for the better.
Sincerely, Valentin
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